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CASUS Circus

Ca'sus (ˈkɑːsəs)
(noun) An event; an occurrence; an occasion; a culmination of circumstances

Renowned for their aesthetic of delicately human circus, Casus Circus' premiere work Knee Deep is an international sensation. Performed in over 15 countries in 2015 alone, Knee Deep won international accolades including including Best Circus & Physical Theatre 2016 Adelaide Fringe and Best Circus & Physical Theatre Avignon 2015.

On the success of Knee Deep Casus have grown to an established touring company of nine acrobats, making up two casts which tour internationally with the shows Knee Deep, Tolu and Driftwood.

Originating in Brisbane Australia, the three co-founders remain company members and close friends. Their home-town values of humanity, friendship and connection flow throughout the company and their performances. It is this that forms the backbone of Casus' signature style.

Casus Circus performances are rich in human connection, integrity, cultural diversity and precise, intelligent choreography. Acrobats fill the stage with momentum and stillness, with strength and fragility, and overwhelm audiences with breathless emotion that often leads to a silent theatre throughout the performance– followed by a standing ovation at the end.

Casus is recognised as a leader in contemporary circus on the international stage.

Off stage, Casus actively work to maintain their human connections through community engagement, education, and collaboration alongside their performance works.



Casus presents Knee Deep (promo) from Casus circus on Vimeo.

On the black raised platform the Brisbane foursome – three men, one woman – share a story using their bodies, and several dozen eggs, in astonishing acrobatic displays.

In addition to memorable egg-balancing acts the show shines with well thought out passionate pure physicality as human shapes twist and turn, push and pull, soar and spiral in a dazzling display of what the human body is capable of.

From the outset Knee Deep gets weird with two dozen eggs brought on stage to be walked on. The humble egg remains a constant character throughout the show, giving birth to a whole new circus spectacle.

A good portion of the show is pure vaudeville with a large dose of slapstick and acrobatics that propel the energy in an explosive mix.

There are many surprises littered throughout, some shocking, such as a four-inch nail being driven into the nose then emphatically finished off with a hammer blow. The audience reaction was very vocal as empathy and imagination both recoiled.

Another cringe-worthy moment was a segment that began innocently enough with a performer using his body as a drum but escalated when the sound of what can only be described as a dislocating pop of the shoulder was added. Eyes began to water at that point.

Other stunts were more artistic with one performer making an origami swan while hanging from the trapeze. There was also intricate and powerful aerial silk work with dramatic drops to the ground.

The musical score is an important element of the performance: a slapstick scene paired with a French love song creates an enjoyable juxtaposition.

There are small pockets of the show that lack energy or become a little repetitive, or when the musical accompaniment doesn’t complement the movement on stage.

The performers are all exceptional, displaying technique, discipline and control with each move. Their seamless transitions and co-ordination are beautiful to watch; especially memorable was the human swing act, an oldie but indisputably still a favourite. And the performers are all devastatingly attractive and sculpted for their art, which only adds to the audience’s appreciation of the show.

Knee Deep has distinguished itself from a simple circus show in a contemporary way by placing the focus fully on the beauty of the human form and how expressive and artistic our bodies can be. It is excellent entertainment for the whole family.

Casus Circus has grown in popularity the world over, receiving stellar reviews at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and winning Best Circus at Festival d’Avignon.


As we drift along the current of life we are shaped by the humans we encounter. The stories of our loved ones, our enemies and complete strangers guide us and determine the person we become.

In this colourful and turbulent concoction of pure joy and intimacy, watch Casus bring a blank canvas to life and reveal in our innate need for human contact. 
This is a circus show that does not let you forget that to feel is to be human and in a moment of danger, a grasping hold is survival.
The unique acrobatic shapes signature to Casus abound in this journey of explosive encounters, hidden looks, and humorous discoveries. 
Accompany Casus as we surge forward... Together

TOLU - Young Audiences (45 min)

Casus Presents TOLU from Casus circus on Vimeo.

Three friends left to their own devices discover each other’s likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, joyfully told through circus, dance and play. Watch these unlikely characters twist, flip, spiral, balance, jump and climb in a world where bodies become building blocks, gravity is upended and the stage itself becomes a child’s playground.
Energetic, lyrical and thrilling: Tolu will leave you and your family on the edge of your seat wanting more.
Currently touring
Performers: 3 Crew: 2


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