How I Learned How to Think & Train Like an Olympian

The Importance of Mental Skills for Musicians

Lara Deutsch

Professional Musicians and Music Students

Like athletes who spend a lifetime training for an Olympic race, musicians spend years practicing for auditions which sometimes last only minutes. However, most of us focus completely on musical preparation for these opportunities, even though the ability to perform at our best in high-stakes situations is largely a result of mental strength. In this 60-minute presentation, Lara Deutsch shares how she has learned to optimize her performance through her work with renowned Olympic mental coach, Jean-François Ménard.

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Online workshop on Zoom on the importance of mental skills for musicians


Live online interactive presentation

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90 minutes


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"Lara’s presentation helped me to accept myself, to accept where I’m at with my pieces, and to do my best. I don’t really know how to explain it any other way." - Undergradaute Student, University of Regina

"I highly recommend engaging Lara for your college of music or conservatory. The mental tools she provides are practical, inspirational, and effective." - Abbie Conant, University of Music, Trossingen, Germany

Recent Digital Performances:

Zoom presentation at the University of Music, Trossingen, Germany


Named one of 2020’s “Rising Stars” by BBC Music Magazine, flutist Lara Deutsch is a versatile soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player known for her engaging warmth and ability to connect with audiences. Recipient of the $125,000 Prix Goyer for 2019-2020, Lara was also a first prize winner of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal’s 2014 Manulife Competition, at which she was awarded a total of seven prizes.