Traditional Irish Band
Kevin Crawford, flutes, low whistles and tin whistles
Trevor Hutchinson, double bass
Ed Boyd, guitar 
Seán Smyth, fiddle and low whistle
Cillian Vallely, uilleann pipes and low whistles

“The hottest Irish acoustic group on the planet.”

— The New York Times

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About Lúnasa

Lúnasa is internationally acknowledged as being the finest traditional Irish instrumental band of recent times. They are renowned for their stunning shows honed by superb musicianship and a constant touring cycle, performing over 1,500 shows across 36 countries since the band formed in 1997. The band has appeared at internationally renowned venues such as The Hollywood Bowl, National Concert Hall (Dublin), Sydney Opera House and Moscow International House of Music. They have been invited to appear at the White House and often perform with major symphony orchestras. 

Their arrangements and unique music create a sound that has propelled Irish acoustic music from familiar into surprising and exciting. Their recordings have been hailed as some of the best and most important world music albums anywhere, while their blend of intelligence, innovation, virtuosity, and passion has brought them to the forefront of Celtic music.

Lúnasa est un groupe de musique traditionnelle irlandaise, uniquement instrumentale, de renommée internationale. Véritable phénomène, leur succès est dû, en partie, à des arrangements modernes de mélodies traditionnelles. 

Formation fondée en 1997 suite à l’enregistrement d’un premier album qui devient aussitôt N°1 en Irlande et aux USA dans les Charts « folk », Lùnasa devient très vite un des meilleurs groupes irlandais de la scène internationale et commence une décennie de tournées partout à travers le monde en particulier aux Etats-Unis et en Australie. Il faut dire que ce groupe est formé de musiciens d’exception dont la plupart ont fait leurs armes auprès de grands artistes irlandais et avaient déjà une réputation avant même la création de Lùnasa. Leur musique s’inspire évidemment des airs traditionnels irlandais, mais le groupe n’hésite pas à s’inspirer de la musique des autres pays celtes (Bretagne, Asturies, ...) et à apporter quelques nouveautés dans le monde de la musique irlandaise. Une musique énergique, jouée dans la bonne humeur par de véritables virtuoses!

*Represented for performances in Canada (regular and orchestra) and in the US (orchestra) only.

Programmes and projects

“Christmas from Ireland” brings together Lúnasa, one of Ireland’s most beloved traditional instrumental bands, with the stunning vocals of songstress Karan Casey. The ensemble performs songs, tunes, stories, and poetry from all over the Celtic realm – Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Asturias (a Celtic region in Spain). The holiday show includes both traditional and original compositions by the band and singer Karan Casey. It also features a couple of familiar carols that audiences love to hear (and join in with) in this unexpected setting. Families love the opportunity to come together in this most hectic time of year to listen, laugh, tap their feet, and explore a new and diverse holiday sound.




“Let’s just say that this is one of the best folk and orchestra combinations I’ve heard and leave it at that, the arrangements are simply sublime.” 

—  July 2014



“bridging the gap between the energy of the small pub and the grandiosity of a concert performance … panoramic beauty … an absolute corker.” 

—  July 2014



“The lively thrill of Lúnasa with the awe-inspiring power of one of Ireland’s most celebrated orchestras results in a powerhouse record.” 

—  July 2014




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