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Lara Deutsch interviewed by Artsfile

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

credit Brent Calis

Lara Deutsch was inverviewed by Peter Robb from Artsfile.


The Ottawa native plays the flute and has built up a solid freelance career in this city. But in 2016 she was really just beginning, so being a “recovering” perfectionist, she started looking for an edge. And she found it with psychologist Jean-Francois Menard. He has worked with members of Cirque du Soleil and several Olympic athletes such as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Alex Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury.

The year after graduating from McGill and mentally ready, she won the MSO competition and the National Arts Centre bursary. She has been named one of the 30 best musicians under 30 by the CBC in 2015.

She has been freelancing all over, first on tour with the MSO, then for almost a full season with NACO. then she got the year-long contract with the Vancouver Symphony as assistant principal flute and piccolo for the 2016-17 season.

That mental training has given her the mindset required to be a flexible performer, something that she think many of her colleagues may need help with.

“You are taught in school there is only one path. But if you want a well-rounded life sometimes that means not moving halfway around the world to the middle of nowhere to play in an orchestra.

“You have to work on your mental skills as much as your musical skills.”

In addition to performing and teaching, she does workshops on mental preparedness.

“I can say honestly the biggest regret I have in life is not having learned that mental aspect of the business from Day One. We were told ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that. You grow up full of inhibitions and completely missing the point of what we want to do or how to get there.”

Deutsch credits her mother with teaching her to make her own opportunities.

To read the full interview, click here.

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Lara Deutsch interviewée par Artsfile

Lara Deutsch a été interviewée par Peter Robb de Artsfile.

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