Socalled Sings with Strings

yiddish folksongs

“Powerful, beguiling, haunting and uplifting all at the same time.”

— Dancing about architecture

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Project Description

Socalled (Josh Dolgin), “the mad wizard of Yiddish Hip-Hop”, goes back to his roots on this ground-breaking, heartbreaking program, Socalled sings Yiddish with Strings. Featuring a string quartet, the program presents songs from the Yiddish Theatre, Hassidic melodies, Klezmer, folksong, songs from the Holocaust, from Israel, and even some original new songs. 

Through song, so much history and culture can be exposed and given new life. The quartet arrangements give the music the harmonic respect it deserves, an integral and often overlooked element in presenting this material. 

The program is funny, sad, beautiful, and dark with a diverse range of styles, colours, keys, modes and moods. The Yiddish revival is over, it’s the Yiddish era again; so let’s dig deep, let’s celebrate and explore the riches of this extraordinary culture.

Socalled (Josh Dolgin), « le sorcier du hip-hop yiddish », revient à ses origines avec Socalled chante Di Frosh, un programme à la fois déchirant et révolutionnaire. Accompagné d'un quatuor à cordes, ce programme comprend des chansons du théâtre Yiddish, des mélodies hassidiques, Klezmer, chansons folkloriques, des chansons de l’Holocauste, d’Israël et même des chansons originales. 

À travers la chanson, notre riche histoire et culture peuvent être exposées et peuvent reprendre vie. Les arrangements de quatuor donnent à la musique le respect harmonique qu’elle mérite, un élément intégral et souvent négligé dans la présentation de ce matériel. 

Ce spectacle est drôle, triste, beau et sombre, comprenant un éventail de styles, couleurs, tonalités, modes et atmosphères. La Renaissance yiddish est terminée, nous revoici en pleine Ère yiddish ; alors, creusons loin, célébrons et explorons les richesses de cette culture remarquable.

*North American Representation in collaboration with MGAM.INC




“The marriage of voice in performance with quartet arrangements is so profoundly affecting. Impassioned urgency, thrusting back and forth in voice and gesticulation is matched with vivid plucked strings and light bow strokes creating an added heart beat to the dramatic, emotional, yet clearly cerebral lyrics.” 

—  David O’Brien,

June 2019



“These songs ... are delightful, introspective, playful and uplifting.” 

—  Bob Becker,

June 2019



“Socalled’s Di Frosh seems proof that the living,
breathing Yiddish culture is here to stay.” 

—  Shira Gilbert,

October 2018


The Album