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About us

Building bridges between creators and audiences, Latitude 45 Arts Promotion is a Montreal-based booking agency and management company that celebrates musical gifts around the globe, representing about 50 artists who perform at the highest level and display creativity, engagement, and courage. The artists of Latitude 45 represent the finest talent from across the globe in the areas of classical, jazz, global*, early, and contemporary music.

Founded in 1981 by Barbara Scales, Latitude 45 brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to artists, presenters, and music industry professionals drawn from decades of work across 5 continents. In addition to our booking and management activities, Latitude 45 offers personalized management and career development services ranging from showcasing to artistic planning and more. 

Latitude 45 is a proactive member in arts industry organizations worldwide, putting forth a vision for the arts that embraces robust community engagement and strong advocacy for artists. Latitude 45 is committed to the principle that art is necessary for understanding both the world around us and understanding ourselves. Latitude 45 embraces the globe in all that we think, dream, and do. Latitude 45, while a private enterprise, is grateful for support from both the Governments of Canada and of Quebec. We exist because of the artists and the public we serve.

Latitude 45, like the imagination, embraces the world.


We recognize that the offices of Latitude 45 Arts are located on unceded Indigenous land, known as Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, which is the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation and has been a gathering place for many First Nations peoples. Furthermore, we recognize that the activities of our artists, which we promote and organize, often take place on unceded and unrecognized Indigenous lands worldwide. We understand that there are ongoing and serious inequities between the ancestral inhabitants of Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal and newcomers to this land, and we seek to contribute our voice and our actions in the arts industry towards healing and equity through a commitment to collaboration and accessibility in the arts.

*Although it is our attempt to avoid the reductionism inherent in the term "world music," we understand that the change of terminology from world music to global music doesn't answer the valid and long-expressed objections of artists to this term. Latitude 45 represents artists who perform musics from a variety of global traditional classical and improvisatory musical practices, championing each artist's unique cultural knowledge and innovative contribution to their art forms.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge…. Imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein.

Barbara Scales lo res cr. Damian Siqueiros.jpg

Barbara Scales

Jean Vinet.jpg

Jean Vinet

Representative in France


Dorothée Jourdain

Booking agent / Communications


“A wonderful artist manager I have known for many years.” 

—  Composers Now, Nyack, NY​

“Thoughtful, experienced and deeply knowledgeable. Barbara and her team are a pleasure to work with.” 

— Jacaranda Music, Santa Monica, CA

“Barbara Scales has an amazing insight and reach - she is amazing!” 

— Hill and Hollow Music, Saranac, NY

“Barbara is a wonderful person and she truly understands musicians and artists and helps and supports them in anyway she can. As head of her Latitude 45 Arts Promotion Agency, she works tirelessly to manage and promote an impressive roster of highly talented musicians, artists and their projects and ensembles. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with her.” 

— Helmut Lipsky, violinist, Montreal, QC

“Barbara is very easy to work with and has a fantastic roster of artists. We plan to book many artists with her in the future.” 

— Defiance Community Cultural Council, Defiance, OH

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The Latitude 45 Arts team travels around the world to assure a presence at the most important performance arts industry conferences!




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