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Amir Amiri Ensemble

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Tehran-born, Montreal-based composer/santur player Amir Amiri arrived in Canada just over two decades ago and immediately began collaborating with jazz, western classical, and avant-garde musicians, dancers, and theatre artists. This explosion into new creative directions was matched step for step by a deepening connection to his roots in Persian classical and folk music. Now a veteran of over twenty residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and a sought-after performer and educator from coast to coast, Amiri beautifully interlaces traditional Persian music with diverse modern elements.

The 72-stringed santur is an ancient hammered dulcimer at the very heart of Persian music. Amiri’s relationship to the instrument is spiritual, almost symbiotic, and he moves across it with meditative agility. Hypnotic melodies arc across subtly complex rhythmic patterns as Amiri calls upon centuries of tradition with an instrumental voice very fluent in the musical dialects of the here and now. He’s joined by Sardar Mohamad Jani (oud), Reza Abaee (ghaychak), Hamin Honari (percussion), and Omar Abu Afech (viola) for a program of Amiri’s luminous compositions intertwined with arrangements of traditional Persian folk and classical pieces.

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Fully produced, multi-angle studio concert video


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45 minutes



Add-on Options:

  • Online Q&A

  • Educational capsule on persian classical music, improvisation within the Persian classical tradition as well as in collaboration with other improvisatory traditions, and composition for Persian classical instruments


Recent Digital Performances:

  • Cultura Uniandes, Bogota, Colombia (Perséides) *over 908K views

  • University of British Columbia (The Amir Amiri Ensemble)

  • National Arts Centre of Canada "Canada Performs" (Amir Amiri solo)


Santur player, composer, and cultural inventor Amir Amiri dwells at the centre of a unique musical universe where ancient inspiration, dazzling virtuosity, and bold creativity meet. Surrounding himself with outstanding collaborators from the worlds of jazz, classical and world music, Amiri fearlessly transcends genres and borders, exquisitely transporting his ancient instrument into the musical conversations of our time.