Amir Amiri and Jean-Félix Mailloux

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Drawing on the cultural diversity and fluidity of their musical backgrounds, Jean Félix Mailloux (bass) and Amir Amiri (santur) display virtuosic command of their instruments as they create a unique fusion combining the refinement of traditional and classical Persian music with Jazz and classical western music through improvisation and their original compositions.

Perséides explores an innovative musical landscape, expanding the boundaries of these musical heritages. The breath-like yearnings of the bass inspire a heartfelt rhythmical flow and the sweet fervour of the santur invokes ancient and nostalgic tales. The result: incandescent, magnetic, and deeply original.

Cris Derksen 04 credit Tanja Tiziana LR.

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Fully produced, multi-angle studio concert video


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45 minutes


English only

Add-on Options:

  • Online Q&A  

  • Workshop on the fusion of persian music with other genres

  • Educational capsules on on improvisation in Persian classical music


Recent Digital Performances:

  • Cultura Uniandes, Bogota, Colombia (Perséides) *over 908K views

  • University of British Columbia (The Amir Amiri Ensemble)

  • National Arts Centre of Canada "Canada Performs" (Amir Amiri solo)


Santur player, composer, and cultural inventor Amir Amiri dwells at the centre of a unique musical universe where ancient inspiration, dazzling virtuosity, and bold creativity meet. Surrounding himself with outstanding collaborators from the worlds of jazz, classical and world music, Amiri fearlessly transcends genres and borders, exquisitely transporting his ancient instrument into the musical conversations of our time.