Latitude 45 at CINARS/Mundial this week!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Like every year, the Latitude 45 team will participate at the CINARS Biennale that takes place this year from November 12 to 17. CINARS is know to be one of the most important international showcases and networking events, gathering more than 1 550 professionals hailing from over 40 countries including 370 show presenters, some of whom are the most influential in the field. This year, CINARS has joined forces with Mundial, with both conferences taking place simultaneously - filling Montreal with art, music, and more!

If you are going to the conference, we invite you to meet us at our booth #237.

This will also be a very active week for our artists since some of them will be showcasing and playing in the Montreal area (see details below).

November 12 & 13 - Gesù


Nov 12, 2:45pm - Youth audience version of LUMENS (Youth focus)

Gesù in collaboration with Le Vivier - 12 rue de