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Solo for Duet

by Eve Egoyan

“a memorable and mind-blowing concert..”

— Times Quotidian


Solo for Duet is a deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative challenging traditional conceptions of piano and pianist, performed by Eve Egoyan. Animating the concert stage, Solo for Duet is an innovative, multi-sensory journey leading its audience through layered emotional musical worlds; contrastingly introspective, startling, playful, poetic, and urgent.

Works by Linda Catlin Smith, Nicole Lizée, Michael Snow, John Oswald, David Rokeby, and Eve Egoyan employ the Disklavier, an acoustic piano with a computer interface that allows Eve to expand the possibilities of the traditional piano. The works are at once experimental, engaging, and viscerally thrilling, alternating sections of multi-sensory intensity with periods of delicacy and stillness.

SOLO FOR DUET premiered at Toronto's Luminato  festival in June of 2018, and toured throughout  Canada and Australia in 2018/19.  

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“Present throughout the entire evening was a felt sense of the ‘other’ with whom Egoyan was in dialogue with, whether that be the composer, the images, or the music itself.” 

—  Wendalyn Bartley

June 2018



“a memorable and mind-blowing concert.” 

—  Los Angeles



“A “remarkable performance” by Eve Egoyan, and an “exceptional collaboration between Eve Egoyan, John Oswald, Nicole Lizée, Michael Snow and David Rokeby.” 

—  Jury Awards citations