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Jaap Nico Hamburger

Songs in Times of Honours

Songs in Times of Honours

The ‘Songs in Times of Honour’ were composed on poetry by Else-Lasker Schüler. In 1932, she was the first woman ever to win the German National Poetry Prize (Kleist prize). In 1933, she left Germany and died in January 1945, in exile, a recluse and practically homeless. Today, she is recognized as one of the leading voices in expressionist poetry.

Les "Songs in Times of Honour" ont été composés sur des poèmes d'Else-Lasker Schüler. En 1932, elle est la première femme à remporter le prix national allemand de poésie (prix Kleist). En 1933, elle quitte l'Allemagne et meurt en janvier 1945, en exil, recluse et pratiquement sans abri. Aujourd'hui, elle est reconnue comme l'une des principales voix de la poésie expressionniste.






I. Meine Mutter
II. Abschied
III. Ich Weiß

I. Meine Mutter
II. Abschied
III. Ich Weiß


Instrumentation: - - timp.t.bells.tamb - strings - Soprano Solo - - timp.t.bells.tamb - cordes - Soprano Solo




Date of composition:



Ensemble Caprice and the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

Ensemble Caprice et l'Orchestre Baroque de Jérusalem


October 2021, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Nes Ziona
October 23, 2021, Montréal, QC (Recorded on Leaf Music)

Octobre 2021, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Nes Ziona
23 Octobre 2021, Montréal, QC (Enregistré pour Leaf Music)



Pamela Hickman: “...This concert was also the setting for a unique world premiere - three songs from Jaap Nico Hamburger's "Songs in Times of Honour" to poems of Else Lasker-Schüler. ...scored for soprano and baroque instruments. ... Soprano Daniela Skorka and the instrumentalists displayed close teamwork in presenting these three thought-provoking-, indeed, disquieting mood pieces. Opening with the eerie sounds of violin and percussion, "Meine Mutter" (My Mother) reflects the poet's pain and longing for her mother, "the great angel who walked at my side". In "Abschied" (Leave-taking), a woman awaits her lover, her anguish intertwining with the rhythms of a dance that will not be danced, an effective and sinister collage of sound, with Skorka adding a few touches of tambourine sound to the effect. "Ich Weiss" (I Know), coloured in tranquil, veiled dissonances, shows Lasker-Schüler ruminating on her own death, the death of a poet...In this third haunting and powerful piece, Hamburger gives its final say to a solo viola. A fine choice of texts, Lasker-Schüler's poems speak in a direct and articulate voice. No less articulate, Hamburger's music, modal in language, is not overloaded, not opaque, as he paints with delicate brush strokes. Skorka addresses each notion with finely shaped gestures and sensitivity, her outstanding performance reflecting deep enquiry into each of the poems. Born in Holland, Jaap Nico Hamburger today lives in Canada.”


Jaap Nico Hamburger is a CMC Associate Composer. In 2019, he was appointed as Montréal’s Mécénat Musica Composer in Residence. His compositions include commissions from orchestras (Turning Point Ensemble, Ensemble Caprice, Orchestre Classique de Montréal, the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, Festival Classica) and chamber works (“400 Years of Dutch Keyboard Music”, Polina Gubnitskaia, David Shemer). 

His works have been performed and recorded in Canada, The Netherlands and Israel. He was recently commissioned by the United Nations and the Government of the Netherlands to compose a new concerto for harp and orchestra that was premiered on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the International Court of Justice. Other commissions include works for Discovery Channel as well as European broadcasting companies.

His 2nd chamber symphony ‘Children’s War Diaries’ was nominated for the Dutch national composer’s award and is nominated for the 2022 JUNO award for best classical composition. The premiere of his first opera “ARIELLA” is slated for the spring of 2023.

Jaap Nico Hamburger est un compositeur associé du CMC. En 2019, il a été nommé compositeur en résidence du Mécénat Musica de Montréal. Ses compositions comprennent des commandes d'orchestres (Turning Point Ensemble, Ensemble Caprice, Orchestre Classique de Montréal, l'Orchestre Baroque de Jérusalem, Festival Classica) et des œuvres de chambre (" 400 Years of Dutch Keyboard Music ", Polina Gubnitskaia, David Shemer). 

Ses œuvres ont été jouées et enregistrées au Canada, aux Pays-Bas et en Israël. Il a récemment été chargé par les Nations Unies et le gouvernement des Pays-Bas de composer un nouveau concerto pour harpe et orchestre qui a été créé à l'occasion du 75e anniversaire de la Cour internationale de justice. D'autres commandes comprennent des œuvres pour Discovery Channel ainsi que pour des sociétés de radiodiffusion européennes.

Sa deuxième symphonie de chambre "Children's War Diaries" a été nominée pour le prix national des compositeurs néerlandais et pour le prix JUNO 2022 de la meilleure composition classique. La création de son premier opéra "ARIELLA" est prévue pour le printemps 2023.


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