Janelle Fung


“Fung, ... was supremely impressive with her ability to seemingly have her fingers float over the keys; each note seemed to waft into the air like a gentle breeze.”

— Arts & Opinion

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About Janelle Fung

Canadian pianist Janelle Fung has performed in concert from coast to coast in Canada, including tours with Prairie Debut and Jeunesses Musicales du Canada. Winner of the “Artist of the Year” award from the BC Touring Council in 2014, her international concerts have taken her to over twenty countries on five continents. An avid chamber musician, Ms. Fung has appeared in concert with the Ying Quartet, New York Woodwind Quintet, Mark Fewer and Matt Haimovitz. 

Ms. Fung has won prizes in numerous national and international competitions, including the Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition, the Concours OSM-Standard Life, and the Canadian Music Competition. She has been featured on radio stations nationally and internationally including CBC, Radio-Canada, Classical 96.3 FM, NPR, and Radio France.

La pianiste canadienne Janelle Fung s’est produite en récital partout au Canada, particulièrement à l’occasion de tournées organisées par Prairie Debut et par les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada. Gagnante du prix « Artiste de l’année » du Conseil des artistes en tournée de la Colombie-Britannique en 2014, elle a également joué dans une vingtaine de pays sur les cinq continents. Passionnée de musique de chambre, elle s’est souvent jointe en concert au Quatuor Ying, au Quintette à Vent de New York ainsi qu’au violoniste Mark Fewer et au violoncelliste Matt Haimovitz. 

Mme Fung a obtenu de nombreux prix dans divers concours canadiens et internationaux, parmi lesquels la Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition, le Concours OSM-Standard Life et le Concours de musique du Canada. On a pu l’entendre sur les ondes de la CBC, de Radio-Canada, du Classical 96,3 FM de Toronto et de Radio France.

Programmes and projects

“A Tender Age” is a series of love letters from composers to their children or to childhood itself.  The program is anchored by Claude Debussy’s Children’s Corner Suite and Robert Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood, works by composers who never lost their sense of innocence or wonder and for whom the birth of their children inspired an unparalleled creative richness. “A Tender Age” is a celebration of the wonders of childhood viewed through a parent’s eyes, an attempt to catch the lightning-in-a-bottle wonder of all of baby’s firsts.  It is a love letter to my son, and to parents everywhere.

Also offered as a Interactive Family Program.

the life and music of Auguste Descarries


"The quality and strength of this music justifies the rediscovery of Descarries' works as a national cultural priority in the next decade"

- Christophe Huss, Le Devoir

Enter the creative world of Auguste Descarries, one of Quebec’s sons, and experience the arc of his musical life writ large against the backdrop of the cultural and political forces that shaped Quebec, and the broader world, in the 1940s and 50s.  L’universel, c’est personnelle tells the story of this fascinating composer, mixing his beautifully audacious music with the composers who inspired him; and with personal stories from his friends and family.  Descarries’ story is both his and the story of his time, and it is one that, 70 years after his death, deserves to be told.



“Fung’s playing is first rate… and it is a pleasure to listen to her play.” 

—  Sang Woo Kang
May-June 2020



“Thanks to her light, clear, and articulate touch, Fung gives breath to the melodies, the virtuosic passages, and the sharp patterns, while keeping their pronounced character.”



—  Benjamin Gordon,

April-August 2020



“What a marvel! Thanks to Janelle Fung for resurrecting the music of Auguste Descarries (1896-1958) on her new CD. [...] The quality and strength of this music justifies the rediscovery of Descarries' works as a national cultural priority in the next decade.” 

—  Christophe Huss,

December 2019