Profeti della Quinta

vocal ensemble
Doron Schleifer, countertenor
Roman Melish, countertenor
Lior Leibovici, tenor
Jacob Lawrence, tenor
Elam Rotem, bass, harpsichord & musical direction 
Ori Harmelin, chitarrone

“One is constantly struck by the quality and homogeneity of their sound.”

— Classica

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About Profeti della Quinta

Ensemble Profeti della Quinta focuses on the vocal repertoire of the 16th and early 17th centuries. They create vivid and expressive performances for audiences today while considering period performance practices. From its core of five male singers, the ensemble collaborates regularly with instrumentalists and guest singers. Their programmes range from explorations of the Italian madrigal to seldom-heard Jewish sacred music and more. 

In 2011 the ensemble won the York Early Music Young Artists Competition, and has since performed in Europe, Israel, North-America, China and Japan. 

Profeti della Quinta has released 10 albums on the Pan Classics, tiroler landes museen, Glossa, and LINN labels. Profeti's founder, Elam Rotem, is also the founder of, an essential resource for early music manuscripts and scholarship. Originally from the Galilee region of Israel, the group is now based in Basel, Switzzerland, where they regularly collaborate with the Schola Cantorum.

L’ensemble Profeti della Quinta mise à créer des expériences vibrantes et expressives pour le public d’aujourd’hui tout en considérant les pratiques historiques dans leurs interprétations du répertoire des 16e et 17e siècles. L’ensemble formé de cinq chanteurs collabore régulièrement avec des instrumentistes et des chanteurs invités. Leurs programmes passent de l’exploration des madrigaux italiens aux rares chants sacrés juifs et plus encore. 

En 2011, l’ensemble a gagné le premier prix au York Early Music Young Artist Competition et, depuis, s’est produit en Europe, à Israël, en Amérique du Nord, au Japon et en Chine. 

Profeti della Quinta a publié 10 albums sous les étiquettes Pan Classics, tiroler landes museen, Glossa et LINN. Le fondateur de l’ensemble, Elam Rotem, est également fondateur du site earlymusicsources, une ressource essentielle pour les recherches sur la musique ancienne et l’étude des manuscrits. Originaire de Galilée, l’ensemble est maintenant basé à Basel en Suisse où ils collaborent régulièrement à la Schola Cantorum.

Programmes and projects

Madrigals and Hebrew prayers by Salomone Rossi (c. 1570-1630)

A program portraying the Jewish Italian composer by highlighting the variety of his musical output, comprising Italian madrigals and instrumental music as well as unique Hebrew-texted music for the Synagogue.

The Story of the Italian Madrigal

The Madrigal was the most prominent genre of secular vocal music in the Renaissance and early Baroque. This program follows its evolution from the highly expressive polyphony of Cipriano de Rore, to the revolutionary madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi that shaped the Baroque era.

Highly virtuosic monodies and duets from the recently surfaced Carlo G. manuscript (ca. 1600-1620, Italy), presented alongside music of his contemporaries



“When such highly-sensitive singers as those of Profeti della Quinta plunge into the music, the result is an interpretation which can be scarcely surpassed for its liveliness, performance intensity and joy in the musical details.” 

—  Guido Krawinkel,
September 2017



“The ensemble does wonders with this highly demanding repertoire. The singers blend their voices with perfect intonation, rendering the polyphony with all the purity and radiance it requires. One is constantly struck by the quality and homogeneity of their sound.” 

—  Luca Dupont-Spirlo
April 2016



“We applaud the fine group from Basel, led by Elam Rotem, who samples the entire output of this fascinating composer, a true icon of the ‘Avant-garde of the past.” 

—  Denis Morrier,
March 2016