marimba & cello

“Bursting with energy, charm, and high musical IQ, Stick & Bow combine two fabulous players in a wondrous and seductive union of sounds.”

— Eric Siblin

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About Stick&Bow

Stick&Bow, “The trailblazing Montreal duo that plays everything from Bach to Radiohead” (CBC Music’s The Intro), unites Canadian marimba player Krystina Marcoux and Argentinian cellist Juan Sebastian Delgado. Classically trained musicians, they present a wide spectrum of musical styles, ranging from rock to gypsy-jazz and baroque to tango. Their eclectic repertoire features original arrangements of some of the most celebrated works in history, highlighting the potential of their instruments combined. In their creative process, Stick&Bow combines musical narration with humor and story telling in which the powerful combination of cello and marimba transforms the listening of familiar works in refreshing and unexpected ways. Stick&Bow is also strongly committed to the music of our time, commissioning works that are daring yet accessible from composers such as Luis Naon, Camille Pépin, Luna Pearl Woolf, Jason Noble, Marcelo Nisinman, Jean-Pierre Drouet and many more.

Formé de Krystina Marcoux (marimba) et de Juan Sebastian Delgado (violoncelle), Stick&Bow explore, arrange et commande des oeuvres qu’il souhaite audacieuses tout en étant accessibles. En concert, pour un public de musique de chambre et publics jeunesses, ils offrent un savant mélange de musique et d'humour. L'unique union du violoncelle au mairmba transforme des oeuvres connues d'une manière singulière, rafraichissante et non-attendue.

Programmes and projects


Exploring the connections between classical music and popular tunes. Featuring works by J.S. Bach, Bartok, Boccherini, Shostakovich, Schumann, Luna Pearl Woolf, Nina Simone, Paco de Lucia, Radiohead, Jason Noble, Irish Folklore, and more! RESONANCE was developed in collaboration with Jeunesses Musicales Canada.

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Piazzola & Beyond

with Gustavo Beytelmann


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ground-breaking new tango composer Astor Piazzolla, legendary pianist/composer Gustavo Beytelmann
and his quartet will feature arrangements of Piazzolla’s explosive music together with Beytelmann's works, in a unique voyage where tango meets jazz and classical music. This program will also feature the vibraphone masterpieces that Piazzolla wrote for Gary Burton.

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All the Madmen
Neutrality is a choice


Stick&Bow explore a wide palette of musical styles in original arrangements, and also commission works that are daring yet accessible. Their unique mix of music and humour delights both chamber music and youth audiences, and the unexpected pairing of cello and marimba transforms familiar works in refreshing and unexpected ways. In a Festival Classica premiere, the duo presents a concert inspired by two giants: Beethoven and David Bowie

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Perpetual Projek

Trio cello, marimba and accordion


When three classically trained musicians come together to explore their shared passion for tango, the result is nothing short of delectable. Krystina, Juan Sébastian and Jérémie take the tango to new heights, thanks to sophisticated arrangements, allusions to classical music as subtle as they are unexpected, and a good dose of humour, topped off by the elegant playing of a superb musical ensemble at its best.

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family programme

Bavela is a curious young cat whose dreams come into conflict with tradition! She embarks on a quest for the solution by visiting her past lives, drawing us into a wacky story where music and friendship are at the heart. This educational show offers laughter and discovery, while presenting music lovers, young and old alike, with playful arrangements for marimba and cello spanning more than four centuries of music of Rameau, Piazzolla, Nina Simone and many others. 

The story is accompanied by animated illustrations that will delight all. Accompanied by the dynamic duo Stick&Bow, this narrative experience will charm the whole family. 

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“Playing baroque or tango, rock or gypsy jazz, Stick & Bow brings unique passion, ingenuity and technical mastery to the eclectic and powerful arrangements of some of the most celebrated musics in history, presenting the infinite potential of its combined instruments in refreshing and unexpected ways.” 

—  May 2020



“Krystina Marcoux (the “stick”) can make the marimba a sweetly melodic as well as percussive instrument. Juan Sebastian Delgado on the cello shifts easily from baroque-ese to the earthier style required by a Stéphane Grappelli tribute titled Tzigane.” 

—  Arthur Kaptainis

February 2020



“This is a luxurious interpretation, filled with exotic flavours and unusual nuances, as well as a seamless segue into a bebop-centric idyll of pizzicato and percussion, defined by razor sharp time and profound dynamics – and yes, a Marimba can be played with dynamics!” 

—  Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

January 2020