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Amir Amiri in 2020

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Amir has multiple exciting upcoming projects where he will be performing in various collaborative ensemble : Perséides, Amiri Quartet, and the Sultans of String!


In search of this ephemeral moment of ecstasy that occurs when we observe the Perséides meteor shower, the musicians Jean Félix Mailloux and Amir Amiri improvise melodies of pure beauty. Like a celestial and luminous phenomenon, a shower of shooting stars on a hot summer evening, the music evolves organically and gives rise to real explosions of colours. The rich and warm sound of the double bass that supports a very agile Persian santur transports us into a dream world infused with oriental music and jazz. Musicians with a telepathic connection invite you to share in musical moments of a rare and moving subtlety.

02.18.20 | 10 PM | Rideau | Showcase Le Phoque OFF | Montréal, QC

Amiri Quartet

In collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, the recently formed Amiri Quartet performs traditional Persian and Sufi music and dance. The hypnotic and captivating sounds of the santur and percussion are united with Sufi whirling, a form of physical meditation which involves spinning or whirling in repetitive circles.

02.20.20 | 12 PM | Mysticism and Meditation | Canadian Opera Company | Toronto, ON

Sultans of String

With their historic and visionary seventh album Refuge, BILLBOARD Charting Sultans of String bring their unique brand of musical synergy and collaboration like never before. Their most ambitious, diverse, inclusive and passionately political album and concert, Refuge puts the Toronto-based Sultans face-to-face with a VIP roster of artists from around the globe — including Somali-American poet Ifrah Mansour, Iraqi violinist Imah Al Taha and Iranian santur master Amir Amiri, who have fled the peril and persecution of their homelands for the safer shores of North America.

05.22.20 | 8 PM | Trinity-St Paul's Centre | Toronto, ON

Click here to learn more about Amir Amiri.

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