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Amir Amiri's November News

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

This November, Amir is initiating an exciting new project in Canada : Ensemble Sayr. November also will see a special collaboration with Jean-Michel Pilc - a night of improvisation at Montreal's Sala Rossa, a production of Innovations en concert.

Ensemble Sayr

Inspired by the diversity and fluidity of the many musical influences of Iran, Ensemble Sayr has created an engaging and distinctive sound fusing the refinement of traditional and spiritual Persian music with folkloric and modern elements. In seeking to expand the boundaries of these musical traditions, balancing heritage and innovation, they find that the possibilities are limitless. In the eclectic musical universe of Ensemble Sayr borders are abolished to make way for a bewitching alchemy, a mystical conversation between these kindred-spirit musicians.

11.13.19 | 8 PM | Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal | Salle Claude Léveillé | Montréal, QC

Tickets and information

11.15.19 | 8 PM | Presbytère de Val-David | Val-David, QC

Amir Amiri & Jean-Michel Pilc

Jazz pianist Jean-Michel Pilc enthrals audiences with his visceral and creative improvised performances. Originally from Iran, Santur virtuoso Amir Amiri is a master of Persian improvisatory traditions, spinning mesmerizing and tantalizing melodies on his 72-string instrument. These two musicians play in a space of freedom, liberated from any constraints of the moment. In this unique performance, Jean-Michel and Amir join forces in an evening of musical exploration and experimentation. Two improvising masters from cultures an ocean apart and traditions that span centuries – the result is sure to be extraordinary.

11.15.19 | 8 PM | Innovations en concert | La Sala Rossa | Montréal, QC

Click here to learn more about Amir Amiri.

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