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Eve Egoyan's concert at the FIMAV

The concert Eve Egoyan presented at the FIMAV on May 22nd received glowing reviews from the press.

“Saturday was a day of tremendous constrats, beginning quietly with pianist Eve Egoyan playing contemporary classical in the resplendent, 145-year-old St. Christophe church - the dream-like, somewhat melancholic Asking by Spanish composer Maria de Alvear, which gradually builds in intensity before ending quietly, and Turn by Danish composer Per Norgard, a bright and harmonically rich piece.” BLOCK, Irwin. « Avant Music News », May 23, 2021
« [...] la pianiste [...] a démontré pourquoi sa réputation n'est plus à faire dans le monde de la musique contemporaine avec un jeu fluide, nuancé et empreint de fougue. » PELCHAT, Alex. « Mes enceintes font défaut », 23 mai 2021
“Egoyan tried to produce every possible variation on the melody "Asking" while the second piece made use of the acoustic possibilities of the church to present a gorgeous display of overtones.” CHAMBERLAIN, Mike. « All About Jazz », May 31, 2021

For her first appearance at FIMAV (in the spellbinding Saint-Christophe d’Arthabaska Church), EGOYAN presented a piano recital consisting mainly of “Asking”, a 50-minute work written especially for her by Maria de Alvear almost twenty years ago. Pianist and composer have been working together since 1996. This gorgeous introspective piece focuses on the various meanings of the word “asking”. Its open structure “asks” the performer to make several choices along the way.

To learn more about Eve, click here

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