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Makoto's new release on Evolution Music Group

Evolution Music Group is pleased to present Makoto Nakura's newest recording, Bach Parallels.

Album Synopsis

"Bach's music continues to be the source of our imagination after nearly 300 years. It was a true joy to see that this imagination bore the fruits of new music which embraces the sensitivities of our time and I am excited to hand them to the next generation. People might think of classical music as the music of the past. Rather, I would like to send a message that we are travelling in the midst of a current of classical music which pulsates as living music." - Makoto Nakura

Marimbist Makoto Nakura is a musician whose artistry and astonishing virtuosity has been mesmerizing audiences for a quarter of a century. In 1994, Makoto moved from his native Japan to New York City, becoming the first marimbist to win fist prize in the prestigious Young Concert Artists International Auditions. His critically acclaimed performances around the world have included venues in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Montreal, Mexico City, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires.

In 2019, Makoto Nakura was awarded New Prominent Master Award in the 26th Japan Professional Music Recording Award with his track "Elegy for solo marimba" from the album "Tears and Prayers".

Click here to listen.

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Oct 16, 2020

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