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MOSOLOV: Symphony No. 5 reviewed by Pizzicato!

The latest recording of Arthur Arnold, was reviewed by the magazine Pizzicato!

"It is a beautiful concerto of 37 minutes with a contrasting first movement, an atmospheric Nocturne, a neoclassical dancing Gavotte and a dancing, very virtuosic and good-humoured Toccata as a conclusion. It is enchantingly played by Taylor Ann Flashman and the dedicated Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Mosolov’s Fifth Symphony was his last great work. It was never performed during his lifetime.

The score was printed in 1991 (by the now defunct publisher Kompositor), but it is full of mistakes, » says conductor Arthur Arnold, and no one knows what happened to the original autograph. It is said that Arnold was able to correct many of the errors after studying Mosolov’s other works and getting a feel for his writing style.

This symphony is also original, with contrasting movements in which calm and fast parts alternate. But the moods also change, and most striking are the melancholy Maestoso passages. The performance of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra is excellent under Arthur Arnold, a Dutch conductor who lives in Canada and the Netherlands and is chief conductor of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra."

Read the full review here.

To listen, share, or buy the album, click here.

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