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'Night Light' reviewed by PANM360!

Lara Deutsch and Philip Chiu's latest album "Night Light" was reviewed by PANM360!

There is magic in Night Light. Magic that is imbued with sonic sparkles that range from mysterious to impressionistic to dreamlike. The pleasantly mischievous side of Digital Bird Suite still leaves room for softly melancholic passages that reach the target of aesthetic pleasure. It has to be said that the composer Takashi Yoshimatsu does not come from an academic ivory tower but rather from rock, jazz and screen music (the Astro Boy series). The technical demands on the flautist seem daunting, but Lara Deutsch, a rising star in the 2020 music scene according to BBC Magazine, deals with them without ruffling a feather!

Deutsch and Chiu are among the finest performers of the new canadian generation, capable of impetuosity but subscribing to a sense of measure and balance. They are also impeccable technicians as well as being highly sensitive musicians.

I had no particular expectations before listening to this album. But the end result is that it is one of the most satisfying and stimulating albums I have listened to this year. A huge congratulations!

By Frederic Cardin via PanM360

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Click here to listen to the album.

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