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Eve Egoyan at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Eve Egoyan recently performed a recital of music for solo piano by Linda Catlin Smith at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in Huddersfield, UK. Included on the program were The Underfolding and Nocturnes and Chorales, both UK premieres. On her work with Linda, Eve says: "Since the beginning of my career as an interpreter of new music I have been compelled and intrigued by Linda Catlin Smith’s sound world, fascinated by the unusual elegance of her writing and her deep intuitive connection with the piano." Eve's first Canada Council commission was A Nocturne, which was on Eve's first solo album, thethingsinbetween. Since then, Eve and Linda have shared in many collaborations and commissions.

Her latest album, Thought and Desire, is a collection of Linda's pieces. Eve's recital at Huddersfield was warmly received by the press: The Examiner wrote, "This music is all about touch and its execution was graceful and elegant." The Guardian wrote that the works were "beautifully played by Eve Egoyan", and "showed how much undiscovered richness still lurks within the familiar grand piano ... In Nocturnes and Chorales, gently furled chords which came close to Debussy were offset with a tolled note that seemed to come from miles away. The familiar and the strange joined hands, in a beautiful and unsettling way." Eve also played the program a second time at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University the next day, in addition to a public conversation with Alan Rusbridger, former editor-and-chief of The Guardian and principal of Lady Margaret Hall, as part of a lecture series on Canadian artists. To learn more about Linda Catlin Smith's works and hear some excerpts played by Eve, listen to this recent BBC Radio 3 Program:


Eve Egoyan à Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Eve Egoyan a récemment donné un récital de musique pour piano solo mettant en lumière les oeuvres de Linda Catlin Smith au Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, au Royaume-Uni. Sur son travail avec Linda, Eve dit: "Depuis le début de ma carrière d'interprète de la nouvelle musique, j'ai été fascinée et intriguée par le monde sonore de Linda Catlin Smith, fascinée par l'élégance inhabituelle de son écriture et sa profonde connexion intuitive avec le piano."

Eve et Linda ont partagé de nombreuses collaborations et commissions, dont le dernier album, Thought and Desire, une collection de pièces de Linda. Pour en savoir plus sur les œuvres de Linda Catlin Smith et entendre quelques extraits joués par Eve, écoutez ce récent programme de la BBC Radio 3:

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