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The premiere of Missing - the Opera

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Missing has now closed its premiere run of six nights in Vancouver, and another six nights at Pacific Opera Victoria. It was an extraordinary success. Missing tells a story everybody knows, about a woman no one remembers. Set in Vancouver and along the Highway of Tears, this music drama was created to give voice to the story of Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, and to show that each and every one of these missing people is honored.

With libretto by distinguished First Nations playwright Marie Clements and music by Juno award-winning composer Brian Current, the 12-show run earned rave reviews from media outlets. The Whole Note wrote that Brian Current's "sublime" score "soars and plummets in unison with the fierce complexity of emotions that are brought to bear through the telling of this tragic tale." and that "Missing is an extraordinarily moving and thought-provoking work, and a milestone for the opera world. It has taken a painful and horrifying topic and rendered it into accessible art.

Ultimately, its message is a universal one: open our eyes and hearts to each other’s pain. By doing so, humanity has a chance for healing and redemption. Missing begins this healing journey in a magnificent mélange of singing, acting and music that, one hopes, will be seen by audiences across Canada and the world." A tour is being planned along British Columbia's Highway of Tears in 2018, and we join The Whole Note in the hopes that this opera will be seen across Canada in future seasons.


Première de l'opéra Missing

L'opéra Missing a terminé une première série de six soirées à Vancouver et six autres soirées au Pacific Opera Victoria. Missing raconte l'histoire d'une femme dont personne ne se souvient. Situé à Vancouver et le long de l'autoroute des larmes, ce drame musical a été créé pour donner une voix à l'histoire des femmes et des filles autochtones disparues et assassinées au Canada, et pour montrer que chacune de ces vies doivent être honorées. Avec le livret de la dramaturge des Premières Nations Marie Clements et la musique du compositeur Brian Current, lauréat d'un prix Juno, la série de 12 représentations a reçu des critiques élogieuses de la part des médias.

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