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Louise and her GGPAA on CBC

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

CBC is talking about Louise Bessette and her Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award!


Bessette is receiving a Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award for both performing and promoting the genre.

Recognized worldwide as an extraordinary performer and promoter of contemporary classical music, Louise Bessette is no stranger to awards. And now, she'll be receiving the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award at this year's Governor General's Performing Arts Awards.

An internationally acclaimed performer, Bessette has had a significant influence in the field of contemporary classical music. She has introduced Canadian composers like Serge Arcuri, Simon Bertrand and Lorraine Desmarais to audiences around the world, and is sought after by composers from Europe and Asia as well.

To read the full article and watch CBC's video on Louise, click here.

To learn more about Louise Bessette, click here.


Louise et son PGGAS sur CBC

CBC parle du Prix du Gouverneur Général pour les Arts du Spectacle que Louise Bessette a reçu récemment.

Voir extraits ci-dessus (EN).

Pour lire l'article et visionner la vidéo de CBC, cliquez ici.

Pour en savoir plus sur Louise Bessette, cliquez ici.

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