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  • Dorothée Jourdain is here!

Latitude 45 Arts is very proud to release our new project:! On this platform, you will find video capsules, tools and resources for musicians, presenters and agents which will help answer your questions about how to put your music online!

Born out of the need to understand the dizzying array of issues around putting (and profiting from) music online, is designed to empower musicians, agents, managers and presenters by helping them understand what questions to ask and where to find the answers. The web capsules on the site will answer specific questions you may have and the Resources page will help you find additional information on the subjects covered.

Please share with your partners, colleagues and people you think could benefit from the information it contains.

We’ve tried hard to make the information pertinent and up-to-date but we know that there are still unanswered questions. Are there things you would like us to explore further? Is there a topic you think we should organise a question-and-answer session on with an expert? Are there best practices you would like to share with others?

Let us know – we’re open to all ideas so just drop us a line with your suggestions at

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