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collectif9's 'Vagues et ombres' reviewed by Gramophone

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

collectif9's last album with was reviewed by Gramophone UK!

Thibault Bertin-Maghit, double-bass player for Collectif9, has an undeniable talent for recasting old works into new forms and all the Debussy works here are arranged by him, opening with a clutch of four smaller pieces from larger sets.

The fourth Étude sounds so natural for string nonet that for a moment one believes this was how it was conceived; so, too, with ‘Des pas sur la neige’ from the first book of Préludes, a miniature tone poem in this quasi-string-orchestral guise.

Bertin-Maghit’s is different again, recreating Debussy’s magical score afresh. [about La Mer]

By Guy Rickards via Gramophone UK.

Click here to listen to the album.

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