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Duet for Solo Piano at the International Festival of Films on Art

Updated: May 26, 2021

Latitude 45 Arts is very pleased to announce that Duet for Solo Piano, a film by Su Rynard about Eve Egoyan and her artistic approach has been selected for the 39th edition of the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA).

Eve Egoyan is a world-renowned performer of new contemporary music. She is among the 25 greatest Canadian classical pianists of all time (CBC). Shot over a year-long period, the film shows Egoyan defying the traditional conceptions of the piano as she searches for her own voice. Born in Victoria, BC, she is the daughter of Armenian artists who immigrated from Cairo to Canada and the sister of the well-known filmmaker Atom Egoyan. The film interweaves past and present, and the personal with the key moments in Egoyan’s career. Duet for Solo Piano offers a rare glimpse at the creative process and the complexity of developing new works that surpass the limits of art, the instrument, and the self. It features collaborators and composers such as Nicole Lizée, John Oswald, David Rokeby, Linda Catlin Smith, and Michael Snow.

A presentation of SMCQ

Director: Su Rynard

Compositions: Michael Snow, John Oswlald, Nicole Lizée, Eve Egoyan, Linda Caitlin-Smith

Sound: Phil Strong

Editing: Caroline Christie

Cinematography: John Price

The World Premiere of Duet for Solo Piano will be available online from March 16th to March 28th, 2021.

More information here.

Eve Egoyan - credit: John Price

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