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  • Dorothée Jourdain

Introducing the Digital Catalogue at

Latitude 45 Arts is immensely proud to share our new digital catalogue with you, featuring a currated list of digital concerts, films, educational capsules and more.

Click here to consult the catalogue.


The digital catalogue is a resource for presenters. Here you will find a listing of digital artistic works on offer from our artists which can be presented to audiences online. The works range from multi-camera recordings of live concerts to fully produced studio performances, as well as add-on content such as educational capsules, livestream options, interactive educational programmes, and Q&As with the artists.


Digital presentations open a new world of possibilities for encountering music and art for your audiences. Either as a stand-alone offering or complementary addition to a live booking, digital performances combine sound and images in innovative, entrancing ways, and offer a new level of intimacy with the artist and their creation. Audiences can speak to artists directly from their living room in a streaming Q&A or and enjoy an up-close and personal video angle of a musician's fingers on their instrument during a performance. The future is live - and online. Programme the best of both worlds in your upcoming season.

More resources

Latitude 45 Arts has created, a new platform with the goal to help musicians, presenters, and agents find answers to their questions about how to present and promote music online.

We hope that this new digital catalogue, in conjunction with, will help you find high quality digital materials to share with your audience.

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