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  • Dorothée Jourdain

Lake Champlain Weekly interviews Infusion Baroque!

Infusion Baroque was interviewed by Lake Champlain Weekly in preparation of their concert in Saranac, next March 13th.

[Since their first album in 2017], critics have labeled them as an ensemble on the rise to the top of today’s Baroque performance landscape, praising their tone, balance and

inventiveness. “We are all very sensitive to each other,” Amawat explains of their sustained bonds. “That’s the key, both personally and professionally.”


In the program that they will perform in Saranac, they will address distinctions between commentaries about women and men in the Baroque period. For the women, observers heaped attention on what clothes they wore and how they comported themselves on stage. In assessments of the male artists of the era, by contrast, the music remained front and center.


This concert of music from a distant past is far more than a museum piece. “We’ve come so far,” she points out. “And yet there are some areas in which we still have so far to go.” Through this performance, these women of the Baroque era live again, reminding us of strength despite bias and fortitude despite superficiality. On paper, history tells us that these are works of art from a time far away. To any ears open to listening, though, a different truth awakens us, a recognition that what may seem so far is in reality close indeed.

To read the full article, click here.

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