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Louise Bessette's new album released on Atma Classique!

Louise Bessette's new album "Hommage à François Dompierre", is now available on all streaming platforms!

Download/stream the album here.

Press release from Alma Classique

In celebration of the 80th birthday of François Dompierre, one of Quebec’s most renowned living composers, pianist Louise Bessette presents Hommage à François Dompierre, which features music written for the cinema, a few unpublished works, and pieces for two pianos featuring the composer himself. Of special note is “Entre mer et

chanterelles”, composed for Louise Bessette as a tribute to the composer Gilles Tremblay, and “Un bonheur d'occasion”, an unusual duet with Dompierre, who improvises on his own score performed by Bessette.

Dompierre’s music encompasses an array of styles and genres, from classical to jazz to film soundtracks, and Bessette’s tribute album is bound to appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Louise Bessette has been renowned over her 40-year career for the

excellence of her performances and for her commitment to promoting contemporary music. Numerous organizations and international competitions have seen fit to reward her talent, and her reviews are equally laudatory. She has recorded a wide variety of repertoire as a soloist and with chamber ensembles and has appeared with distinguished orchestras and by invitation at many first-rate festivals the world over.

A prolific composer, François Dompierre has composed some twenty works that are regularly performed in concert in Canada and abroad, including Les diableries, Les jardins intérieurs, a violin concerto, two piano concertos, La symphonie imaginaire, Les Glorieux (a musical story commissioned by the OSM), 24 Preludes for piano, Par quatre

chemins and Concertango Grosso.

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