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  • Dorothée Jourdain

Maestro Arthur Arnold resigns from Moscow Symphony

Maestro Arthur Arnold has resigned his position as music director of Moscow Symphony Orchestra in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even if the MSO is an independent organization that has never received state support, Arnold decided to take a stand by leaving his position.

In a press release, Arnold announced his departure of the orchestra he considers as his family, since he started working with them back in 2001.

« It is with the greatest conviction and with an immense sadness that I resign from my position as music director of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra (MSO) in Russia, effective immediately. »

« My heart goes out to the people in Ukraine and everyone suffering from this needless war. I am proud to join with the countless people across the world who are raising their voices and taking a stand. »

See below to read the full press release sent on March 1, 2022.

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