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Origami, from Louise Bessette, reviewed by The Whole Note!

Louise Bessette's latest album released by Atma Classique, Origami, was reviewed by The Whole Note!

The great album featuring works for piano solo by montreal composer Anthoby Rozankovich received a rave review from the canadian publisher:

[...] Accessible but sophisticated, Rozankovich’s music displays his deep understanding of the building blocks of music: this is tonal, lyrical music but not at all facile or predictable. The listener is rewarded over and over again with gorgeous moments of introspection and nostalgia, complex counterpoint, some grit and even some humour. [...]

[...] If there’s a shortcoming to this collection, it might be that the music is too interesting to use as background music and requires time to enjoy. It’s time well spent. [...]

Click here to see the original article.

Click here to listen to Origami

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