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"Origins" reviewed by Gregory Applegate Edwards

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

"Origins" Duo Kalysta's debut recording with Leaf Music was reviewed by Gregory Applegate Edwards!

“They show beauty and stature on their inaugural album Origins”

“with the sensuous quality of Ms. Belvedere's performance we hardly miss a note. Ms. Deutsch's warming flute articulations are a revelation. Marvelous.”

“ravishing and deep”

“Lovely this is.”

“The flute part is rather acrobatic at times and very well played. It is a fitting and decisive end to an enlivening and absorbing program.”

"This is music to savor, particularly if you are attracted to the flute-harp nexus like me. Bravo. Duo Kalysta and friends breathe life into these works with a joy and care that ring true."

Click here to read the full review.

To lear more about Lara Deutsch and her projects, click here.

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