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Ricardo Gallardo (Tambuco) & Gabriela Ortiz, awardees of the Medalla de Bellas Artes!

by Ricardo Rozental

Ricardo Gallardo (left) & Gabriela Ortiz (right. credit: Marta Arteaga)

The Federal Ministry of Culture of Mexico through The National Institute of Arts and Literature (Inbal by its acronym in Spanish) posted earlier today the names of the awardees for the Beaux Arts Medal (Medalla de Bellas Artes). Covid pandemic had forced a postponement of the awards ceremony so next week the Federal Government of Mexico will conduct subsequent ceremonies on the 13th, 14th and 15th of December, 2022.

The names of Mexicans Gabriela Ortiz and Ricardo Gallardo, both represented by Latitude 45 Arts, were among the recipients of the awards.

Composer Gabriela Ortiz will be awarded the Gold Medal on Thursday, 15th in a ceremony to take place at the historic Palacio de Bellas Artes in downtown Mexico City. "Considered as one of the foremost and better known composers", runs the official announcement, "she had previously been awarded the National Prize in Arts and Literature". Further mention of her achievements mention that Gabriela "is a member of the Mexican Academy of Arts since 2014, as well as a distinguished artistic creator at the National System of Artistic Creators". The official announcement also mentions that Gabriela "was the first woman ever to become a member of the National College (El Colegio Nacional), in the field of arts and literature". Her Medal corresponds to the 2022 roster of awardees.

On Wednesday, 13th Ricardo Gallardo, Artistic Director of Tambuco Percussion Ensemble will receive a Beaux Arts Medal at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Ricardo was part of the 2021 roster of awardees. His award recognizes his outstanding contributions in the field of Music and Opera category. The official announcement highlights that Ricardo "has worked for over three decades as performer, artistic creator and promoter of contemporary music as well as soloist." The official communiqué points at Ricardo's role as Artistic Director of Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, "a group that has won well-deserved prestige worldwide in the music scene".

It is worth mentioning that composer Ana Lara, some of whose works Tambuco has performed to great acclaim, will be awarded the 2020 Beaux Arts Medal in Music and Opera. Her multi decade outstanding career includes her support for Mexican contemporary composers and contemporary composers of many other nationalities. Ana Lara's name was associated with the International Cervantino Festival (Festival Internacional Cervantino) as Coordinator of Contemporary Music.

Ricardo Gallardo will perform a solo piece specially conceived by composer Ana Lara to be played during the Wednesday, 13th awards ceremony when Ricardo will be awarded his Medal.

Read the original announcement in Spanish here.

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