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Socalled's performance in Australia was a hit!

Socalled and the Zephyr Quartet received a glowing review from The Barefoot Review and from the Hi Fi Way for their recent show at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in Australia!

credit Peter Honnemann

Excerpts from The Barefoot Review:

"The marriage of voice in performance with quartet arrangements is so profoundly affecting. Impassioned urgency, thrusting back and forth in voice and gesticulation is matched with vivid plucked strings and light bow strokes creating an added heart beat to the dramatic, emotional, yet clearly cerebral lyrics.

Never has this famed quartet been seen so in love with the music they were playing. Clearly it had much to do with the wonderful artist leading and guiding them. The material stretched from the early 20th Century, across two world wars to the present; always maintaining a zest for life, for robust self-reflection and cry to action in service of a people, a culture."

To read the full review, click here.

Excerpts from Hi Fi Way:

"These songs form the core of this Cabaret Festival Performance and they are delightful, introspective, playful and uplifting; as Dolgin says, they are a celebration of “the riches of this extraordinary culture.” The scope is broad, covering songs from Yiddish Theatre, Hassidic melodies, Klezmer, folksongs and songs from The Holocaust.

As Dolgin bravely said in his introduction, “this song is an anthem for all oppressed people everywhere in the world, maybe even in Israel” Powerful stuff and a powerful way to finish this enchanting cabaret performance.

Socalled, or Joshua Dolgin is clearly very talented but has a charming unassuming and self-effacing stage presence which warmed the hearts of this capacity appreciative audience. Although this is Dolgin’s first trip down under, I am sure that he won the hearts of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival audience who will want to see more in the future.

And the Zephyr Quartet? Two words. Musical Geniuses. Given less than a week to pull a repertoire together, they were tight, playful and evocative.

A really nice concert. A great way to spend a wintry Sunday afternoon."

To read the full review, click here.

To learn more about Socalled and his show "Socalled Sings Yiddish with Strings", click here.

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