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«Vagues et ombres» by collectif9, available on Alpha Classics!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The most recent album by collectif9, Vagues et ombres, is now available on all streaming platforms under the Alpha Classics label since may 27th!

With Clair de lune, La Mer and Des pas sur la neige, the Montreal collective invites us into a sumptuous theatre of shadows and waves: ‘Could we, as nine string players, perform Claude Debussy’s La Merand do it justice? In a musical style where timbre and colour are paramount, attempting to interpret this emblematic work seemed outrageous; but come to think of it, we like a challenge. This is certainly a reinterpretation. Being fewer in number allows us to otherwise reveal a rich rhythmic interplay already present in the work while shedding new light on the balance of voices and harmonies.’ A work by composer Luna Pearl Woolf completes the programme: Contact, ‘a sonic view into the underwater world of beluga whales in the St Lawrence Estuary’.

Listen to the album here.

This program is also available for rent in a film-concert version through our Digital Catalogue. Watch the teaser here!

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