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Welcoming Layale Chaker and Forestare to Latitude 45!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Latitude 45 Arts is proud to announce two new artists on our roster : Layale Chaker (violinist and composer) and Forestare (guitar ensemble).

Layale Chaker

USA-based Lebanese violinist and composer Layale Chaker's musical world lies at the intersection of classical contemporary music, Jazz, Arabic Music, and improvisation. Her music, described as "entrancing", "innovative and vibrant", "pure poetry", and "gorgeous", defies genre while feeling perfectly at home in jazz, world, and classical festivals and series in major venues worldwide. As a violinist and composer, she has received commissions and presented performances and projects around Europe, the Middle-East, North and South America and Asia, as a soloist and with her ensemble Sarafand.

Layale released the album Inner Rhyme on In a Circle Records in 2019 with Sarafand. Dedicated to the sounds, rhythms, rhymes, shapes and forms of Arabic poetry, Inner Rhyme has been lauded by Songlines, NPR, the BBC Music Magazine, The New York Times, The Strad, Strings Magazine, and Jazz World, among others.

Welcome to Latitude 45, Layale!

To learn more about Layale, click here.


Quebec-based Guitar ensemble Forestare, composed of 12 guitars, double bass and conductor, has been performing for 15 years. Since Forestare's inception, the ensemble has participated in the creation of close to 50 original works and has adapted nearly another 100 for its unique instrumentation. In doing so, the ensemble has created the largest repertoire of music for guitar ensemble in the world.

Forestare's performances are rooted in a deep commitment to environmentalism and community engagement. Their programme from Tree to Guitar celebrates the unique qualities of the guitar ensemble, with a mise-en-scène emphasizing their arboreal origins. From their sold-out concert halls to their work with students, communities, and causes, Forestare radiates joy and warmth in their activities on and off the concert stage. 

Welcome to Latitude 45, Forestare!

To learn more about about, click here.

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