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Gabriela Ortiz is featured on NPR!

After the premiere of her composition "Yanga" with Tambuco, the LA Phil, and Gustavo Dudamel, the NPR worte an article about Gabriela and her work.

"Gabriela is one of the most talented composers in the world," Dudamel says. "Not only in Mexico, not only in our continent — in the world. She has an ability to bring colors, to bring rhythm [and] harmonies that connect with you. That is something beautiful, something unique."

LA Phil's Gustavo Dudamel thinks Gabriela Ortiz's compositions need to be heard. "This piece deserves to be played many times because it sends a beautiful message," he says. "It shows our culture, our blood, our rhythm as one America and that beautiful connection and that beautiful message of 'libertad,' of freedom."

To read the full article, click here.

To learn more about Gabriela Ortiz, click here.


Gabriela Ortiz à la une sur NPR!

Après la première de sa composition "Yanga" avec Tambuco, le LA Phil et Gustavo Dudamel, NPR a écrit un article à propos de Gabriela et de son travail.

(Voir extraits ci-dessus)

Pour lire l'article, cliquez ici.

Pour en savoir plus sur Gabriela Ortiz, cliquez ici

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