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Jacques Kuba Séguin wins at the ADISQ Gala

Updated: May 26, 2021

The trumpet player Jacques Kuba Séguin won the 2020 ADISQ award for Jazz album of the year for his album MiGRATIONS.

Congratulations to Jacques!


MiGRATIONS represents a form of jazz that will sound familiar to listeners, but also brings with it a renewed, free, personal, and uniquely emotional approach to the storied genre. It is a mosaic of compositions based on the life course of people from different cultural communities living or having immigrated to Quebec, Canada, blending stories and shedding light on the intermixing of cultures. Séguin's music is cinematographic, direct, dynamic and touching. His music invites us to a sensitive experience and, hopefully, a reflection on openness to others, an open mind-set that is lived through a genre based on listening and meeting: jazz

Click here to listen to MiGRATIONS on Spotify.

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