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Tune in to this streaming performance from a Latitude 45 artist this week!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that some of our artists will be offering livestream performances this week!

Tune in and enjoy!

Marina Thibeault

6 PM

Marina Thibeault - credit Matthew Perrin

Celebrated for her "deep rich sound, exceptional virtuosity, and enthusiasm," violist Marina Thibeault travels the world as a sought-after soloist. Recently nominated for a JUNO award for her album ELLES, Marina has delighted audiences across Canada, the United States, and Europe with her elegant, spellbinding performances and engaging presence.

To learn more about Marina, click here.

Amir Amiri

7 PM

Amir Amiri - credit Nathaniel Huard

Santur player, composer, and cultural inventor Amir Amiri has spent his decades-long career exploring the limits of his music, and keeps coming to the conclusion that there are none. As a santur player, Amir seeks to bring this ancient instrument into the musical conversations of our time, engaging across borders and transcending genres. Dazzlingly virtuosic and with a keen imagination, Amir creates an enchanting and unique musical universe with every performance.

To learn more about Amir, click here.

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