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Welcoming Niobe Thompson and Handful of Films to Latitude 45!

Updated: May 26, 2021

The transformation of Handful of Films from being exclusively a film producer to adapting their films and soundtracks to live performance with orchestra was developed under the guidance of experienced arts consultant Erika Beatty of The Arts Firm. Latitude45 Arts is very honoured to have been approached by Erika Beatty to take the work of Handful of Films forward to a wider national and international audience.

Since 2015, Handful of Films has worked with consultant Erika Beatty, managing director of The Arts Firm as they transformed from being exclusively a film producer, to adapting their award-winning films and soundtracks to live performance with orchestra. Today, The Arts Firm is thrilled to announce the experienced and respected team at Latitude 45 Arts have agreed to represent Handful of Films, bringing their In Concert projects to a wider national and international audience.

Founded by filmmaker and anthropologist Niobe Thompson, Handful of Films is a Canadian production company devoted to creating unique, entertaining and timeless films. Coming to every project with complete commitment, a passion for the subject, and a deep well of experience, Handful of Films brings to life episodes in the human journey, from the evolutionary origins of humanity to the complexity of the modern world, in documentary and dramatic form.

A selection of international acclaimed documentaries, laureates of multiple screen awards, have been adapted to the concert stage for live performances with symphony orchestra. With composer and conductor Darren Fung and Niobe Thompson as host and narrator, Great Human Odyssey in Concert is currently touring in North America, and Equus In Concert will debut in 2021.

We are delighted to work on this exciting project and look forward to seeing where our collaboration takes us.

To learn more about Handful of Films and Niobe Thompson, click here.

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