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Anthony Brown

The gifted American baritone, Anthony Brown, is an international promoter of peace and citizen of the world. His work as peacemaker has taken him to political hot spots in Africa, Asia and South America, and was used to facilitate the reducing of tensions in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Northern Uganda. In each venue he stresses the oneness of the human family.

Known for his rich baritone and clear diction, he has performed in concert halls and fine arts centers around the world. Lauded for his moving performances of Spirituals, he is a versatile and dynamic performer who sings in a variety of genres including opera, oratorio, Broadway show tunes, art songs and folk tunes. His performances have been enthusiastically received by audiences of all ages in national and international settings and music critics have referred to him as an “interpretative genius.” As a lover of folk songs, he has taken the music of America around the world. In addition, he often sings the folk songs of the people in the countries where he performs, and invites the audience to accompany him. Most recently he has collaborated with legendary folk singer Pete Seeger, who appears with him via video in the multi-media musical documentary, I Go On Singing, Paul Robeson’s Life in his Words & Songs.

Perhaps no vocalist of our time has so effectively combined singing with ambassadorial peace building. Through his music, he inspires audiences to join the movement for peace, justice and reconciliation.

October 2014

I Go On Singing

Once in a lifetime a human being comes along who stands head and shoulders above the rest—Paul Robeson was such a man. An all-American athlete, scholar, international recording artist and star of the stage and screen, in his day Robeson was the best-known African American entertainer in the world, and his life was a courageous example of integrity and discipline in the service of peace.
Born in Princeton, N.J., on April 9, 1898, Paul was the youngest child born to pastor Andrew Robeson and teacher Maria Louisa Bustill. At the age of six he lost his mother in a tragic fire and was thereafter closely tutored by his father who taught him that success was not to be measured in terms of money or personal advancement but instead by the “richest and highest development of one’s own potential.”
After high school, Paul earned a full scholarship to Rutgers University where he was the valedictorian of his graduating class, an exemplary orator, popular singer in the glee club and all-American athlete. When his undergraduate studies were completed, he moved to Harlem where he earned a
law degree from Columbia University and began to pursue a singing and acting career in earnest.
In 1921 he married Eslanda Cardozo Goode, and the following year the couple was off to London where Paul was to star in a play. It was in England that Paul became involved in the plight of the Welsh coal miners who were working under poor conditions with inadequate pay. This was the beginning of his social activism, and he would go on speaking and singing for peace, freedom and social justice for the rest of his life.
But it was his social ties to the people of the newly formed Soviet Union that cost him dearly as he was eventually blacklisted by the entertainment community in the United States and his passport was revoked by the U.S. government.
Accused of being a Communist, he appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activities and passionately denied the accusations. While popular all over the world, he was now a prisoner in his own country. Even leaders of the African American community distanced themselves from Paul, fearing retaliation
by the U.S. government. Nevertheless, Paul Robeson continued to speak out for justice and championed the cause of civil rights in the United States.
Legendary singer and social activist Peter Seeger aptly describes his friend Paul Robeson stating, “He tried to
make the world a better place and inspired millions of people by his courage.”
It is our hope that you too will be inspired by the courage of Paul Robeson through I Go On Singing. In this song-filled multimedia presentation you will be encouraged to sing along as Robeson’s life story unfolds.

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